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Vegetable fiber


Methyl Cellulose and lignin fibers (hereinafter MC) is natural lumber after chemical processing get organic fibers. Due to the handling of temperatures as high as 260 above, in usually conditions is chemically very stable material, not for general solvent, acid, alkali corrosion.I companies use natural raw materials to produce vegetable fiber is green environmental protection, do not affect the environment, and no harm to human, be helpful for environmental protection, do not cause pollution.

Microscopically 100 times fiber image

Vegetable fiber quality:

In order to guarantee the quality of vegetable fiber of our enterprise before the products leave the factory were under test.
Using 200Ls type qi chong screening.΢Microscopic analysis.
2. Of fiber content of impurities.The residue with high-temperature combustion ash said.
3顣3. Oil absorption test.This is the key index fiber properties.
4. Fiber solution PH value detection.
5. Moisture detection.
6. Fiber the relative density.
7. X-ray, infrared spectrum analyzer and magnetic resonance analysis.
Fully guarantee the quality of vegetable fiber.

The floe vegetable fiber is SMA first fiber stabilizer.Features are high specific surface area, it has better combination, appearance is batting shape, tan-white.Microstructure is ribbon crooked, uneven, porous, junction is flat, formed in the asphalt three-dimensional network, obstruct the flow of asphalt.

Road with fiber with acidic aggregate, neutral aggregate good adsorption, and can be a very good with asphalt, kuangfen, a few fine aggregate composition combined with asphalt, manasseh lipid material hoof coarse aggregate wrapped in the surface, make coarse aggregate has good embedded crowded, in does not need to add anything stabilizers circumstances can achieve fight microtherm deformation and improve and mineral aggregate the rapping, thus improving overall asphalt pavement.this performance.Can fully meet the SMA pavement performance requirements.

Later highway grade highway do anti-slide surfaces
Later old highway maintenance and repair
Later airport construction
Later deck pavement

Lignocellulose introduction:

U lignocellulose is rich in lignin by high-grade natural lumber, the high-tech production and processing, broke ground wire drawing and refined.It is in the multiple microporous long fibrous, avirulent insipidity, high spicific surface, nutrilite plant chemical rich, hygroscopicity good, have good toughness, compressive strength is strong, insoluble in water, has an optimal building materials and improve the construction comely characteristic of all kinds of product length, density, purity, chroma is different to apply for multiple purposes.Foreign widely used in cement, gypsum, lime, wall lining etc chemical building material as powder enhance fiber additive use, is mineral fiber, asbestos fiber and other cellulose derivatives of environmental protection substitutes.Suitable for asphalt pavement, emulsioni paint, paint, concave and convex decorative pattern grain, insulation materials, water resistant putty, insulation mortar, wall be bored with child, ceramic tile adhesive, caulking gypsum, cement prefabricated and wall lining etc.


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