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Lignin fibers used in construction


¡¡¡¡¡¡Lignin fiber (Methyl Cellulose, referred to as MC) is a chemically treated wood are natural organic fibers. Through the screen, split, high temperature treatment, bleaching, chemical processing, and, screening into different length and thickness of the fiber materials to adapt to the needs of different applications. As the treatment temperature of 260 ¡æ or more, under normal conditions is chemically very stable material, not with the usual solvents, acids, alkali corrosion, using natural raw materials to produce the lignin fiber is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, non-radioactive good quality, a green product, which is the other mineral fibers do not have impact on the environment, so harmful to humans, is conducive to environmental protection.

Lignin role of fiber in building materials:
Wood fiber insulation materials easily dispersed in the formation of three-dimensional results, and can absorb 6-8 times the weight of water. And characteristics of this junction to improve the workability of the material properties, operational performance, anti Huazhui performance, speed up the construction speed; wood dimensional stability and thermal stability of fibers in the insulation material has played a very good insulating concrete cracking; wood the transmission fiber slurry water features make the surface of adequate hydration reaction with the primary interface, thereby increasing the surface strength of insulation materials, and grass-roots strength of the bond strength and material uniformity. These properties make the wood fiber in the insulation material to become an indispensable additive.

1. A strong thickening enhancement:
Lignocellulose with a strong cross-linking darn function, it mixed with other materials between the fibers into a three-dimensional structure of overlap can be water locked in the meantime in order to maintain water retarding, water reducing effective cracking it.
2. To improve performance:
When the shear force of its time (such as mixing, pumping), part of the structure of the liquid flung from the fiber matrix, lead to lower viscosity, improve workability, when the flow stops, the fiber structure is very rapid recovery moisture absorption and back, and restore the original viscosity.
3. Crack resistance:
In the freezing or drying process the mechanical fiber reinforcement can weaken, to prevent cracking.
4. Low Shrinkage:
Biological dimensional stability of wood fiber is very good settlement mixture contraction does not occur and to increase their crack resistance.
5. A good adhesive force to force the liquid:
Wood fiber itself can absorb 6-8 times the weight of the liquid, and 6-10 times using the structure of liquid absorption.
6. Against falling:
Construction operation and the drying process does not appear to fall phenomenon.

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