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Lignin fiber particles road


 Lignin fiber quality:

To ensure the quality of lignin fiber in the product of our factory are the following test.
1. Fiber length analysis. Air blast screening using 200Ls type. Microscopy analysis.
2. Fiber impurities. With the residual ash after combustion temperature that.
3. Range test. This is the most critical indicators of fiber properties.
4. Fiber solution PH value of the test.
5. Moisture detection.
6. Fiber relative density.
7. X-ray, infrared spectrometer and nuclear magnetic resonance analysis.
8. No need to feed machine
Sufficient to ensure the quality of lignin fibers.
¡¡¡¡Lignin particles in the fiber is the preferred fiber SMA stabilizer.Characterized by high specific surface area has better binding, the appearance of cotton wool, was gray.Banded microstructure is curved, uneven, porous, cross at a flat, three-dimensional network formed in the asphalt and hinder the flow of asphalt.

Road with the fiber and the acidic aggregate, the adsorption of the neutral aggregate good, and can be very good and asphalt, slag, composed of a small amount of fine aggregate mastic asphalt binder, wrapped in coarse aggregate on the surface, so thatcoarse aggregate embedded with a good crowd, without adding any stabilizing agent in the case of low temperature deformation resistance can be achieved with mineral aggregate and enhance the cohesive force, thereby improving the overall performance of asphalt pavement.SMA pavement performance can fully meet the requirements.

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