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Polyacrylonitrile fibers


Product description
S physical parameters
Fiber type
Beam shape monofiber
Equivalent diameter
133 m13 + 3 muon m
The length
According to customer's demands arbitrary cutting
Tensile strength
Elastic modulus
Elongation of
911%9 ~ 11%of
Acid and alkaline resistance
Melting point
220P 220
Colour and lustre
Weak yellow, white

Areas of application:
High-performance concrete road pavement, Bridges panel, pavement, rockfill dam panel, such as seismic explosion-proof cement concrete engineering
Highway, municipal road, airport road and bridge deck pavement, toll booths and high-grade asphalt pavement construction
Second-ranking application proportion
1 the mixed quantity of cement and concrete
0.51.0kgGeneral every cubic meters of concrete fiber contents for 0.5 ~ 1.0 kg;
According to of sand, stone, dosage of cement changes and engineering against crack request, can be adjusted fiber dosage, highest dosage for 1.5 kg/m3.
Suggestion: different aggregates particle grading matching mixing effect influence, because of the large as choose good gradation.
2 the mixed quantity of asphalt concrete
The admixture can consult the asphalt pavement special polyester fiber dosage
Second-ranking construction technology
In cement mortar and concrete works of construction technology can consult polypropylene fiber construction craft,
The asphalt concrete works of construction technology can consult polyester fiber construction craft

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