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Anti-rutting additives


     China's higher highway development speed and economic investment in the world leading, but most highway use fixed number of year is only 3 years, some even never a year appeared seriously damaged, make the country in labor, material put too big. In asphalt pavement.this main virus, rutting phenomenon is particularly popular for pavement damage is the most serious, greatly improving road repair expenses. Rut problems usually in the 1. The heat of summer period will appear, some pavement rut depth of 10 to 50, some even reach 100mm above, make the pavement roughness becomes poor, and soon appear nets crack, pothole, pit slot etc. Changzhou builded virus willy construction material Co., LTD. Jointly relevant domestic scientific development DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent, to solve the asphalt pavement.this rut phenomena provides effective practical and teach for economic means.
DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent the basic performance DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent is brunet, solid, granular
1 - GXG - 1 anti-rutting additive characteristics:



Size (mm)

greater than 4mm

Density (gr/cm3)


Softening point (°„ C)


Molten index (g / 10min)


This product for fibre polymer. Including fiber polymer composition greater than 95%, fillers composition less than 5%.
A, DXG - 1 anti-rutting additive effect mechanism.
DXG - 1 anti-rutting additive through the following four function to achieve of hot-mix asphalt modification.
1. Squeeze effect: additive particles embedded in construction process due to high temperature effect and softening, these particles in rolling process with high thermal forming, equivalent to a single particle size adhesion fine aggregate filling embedded squeeze into aggregate skeleton voids, increased the asphalt mixture structure skeleton of the function, strengthen the mixture between mutual reaction, make the mixture between more closely, reduced the molding pavement osmotic. But also increase the asphalt mixture bear loads ability.
2. Reinforcement effect: because additive in polymer formation of micro crystalline area has considerable strength degrees, it in mixing process part drawing into plastic fiber, in aggregate skeleton in bypass crosslinking and the formation of fiber reinforcement effect. Due to the existence of polymer fiber in cementing material, which formed in mesh, strengthening the asphalt kuangfen cementing material system interactions and integrity.
3. Cementation: additive input of hot-mix asphalt mixing pot, 170 ~ 180 °„ C in the temperature, the first by and mineral aggregate dry mix, make it bate, continue to join asphalt mixing, additive particles and asphalt, asphalt formed cementation performance improved. Improve the asphalt and the softening point,Reduced the sensitive to temperature,Increased the asphalt with mineral aggregate adhesion ability.
.4. Displacementrestoring role: rut three asphalt mixture of elastic component in additive of high temperature has made pavement deformation part restore elasticity function, thus reduced the molding asphalt pavement.this permanent deformation.
DXG - 1 anti-rutting additive through and mixture mixing process, and its thermal mineral aggregate particles in the collision, shear comprehensive function, prompting additive realize four action process, make the asphalt mixture properties change and to enhance and improve.
A, DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent application scope
Highway, the heavy traffic, vehicle intersection area, airport runway, bus lanes, industrial ground, container stacking area such as required under the heavy roads and field.

Second, DXG - 1 anti-rutting add dose and add process
DXG - 1 anti-rutting additive dosage for asphalt mixture of 0.3 ~ 0.5%, namely every tons of asphalt mixture mixed 3 ~ 5KG. For road is commonly mixed 0.35-0.4%, namely every tons of asphalt mixture mixed 3.5-4KG can. Traffic large, heavy vehicles much use upper limit, special section can be mixed 0.6 percent or more.
DXG - 1 anti-rutting additive using process convenience simple, through the asphalt mixture mixing process directly add to:
1. Will mine materials heated to 170 ~ 180 °„ C, the additive directly into mixing pot within the dry mix, mixing time can increase 2 ~ 3 seconds.
2. Add heat asphalt mixing time can continue to stir, relative increase.
3. Finished mixture quality control and store and transportation by groovy mixture.
DXG - 1 anti-rutting additive rutting test results




0.6% DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent 99.4% 70 # asphalt mixture test results

< < highway asphalt pavement construction technical specification > > (JTGF40-2006), the quality requirements

Marshall test: stability
Flow value

mm mm


KnNot less than 7.5 Kn
1.5-4mm 1.5-4mm

High temperature performance: rutting test dynamic stability (60 °„ C 0.7 mPit).



At the most hot region requirement not less than 3000

Low temperature performance: the ultimate tensile strain (bending test - 10c, 50 / min)



Requirement not less than 3000

The water stability: Marshall immersion test 48h remnants stability



No less than 80%

TSRThe water stability: freeze-thaw splitting test residue splitting strength than TSR



No less than 80%

Adopt DXG - 1 anti-rutting of asphalt concrete high-temperature performance, low temperature performance, stability of water each index all conforms to our country < < highway asphalt pavement construction technical specification > > (JTGF40-2006) request of quality, the good way-use performance.
.Four common modified asphalt and add DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent two proportion against rut effect.


90#Ordinary # 90




90 # asphalt

90 # asphalt



Modified asphalt

Modified asphalt

Modified asphalt

+ 0.4% rut agent

+ 0.6% rut agent

Dynamic stability







A, road construction
Add DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent of asphalt mixture construction and modified asphalt mixture is same, use routine paver and rolling equipment.
1. During the construction of the temperature of no less than 10 °„ C, be paving ground surface temperature not less than 5 °„ C, avoid windy weather construction.
2. Mixture to the scene of the temperature cannot °„ C, less than 165 than 150 °„ C paving temperature.
3.Ex-press follows paver, no less than 150 early pressure temperature °„ C.

  1. Temperature control in the end of RCC 110 ~ 120 °„ C, must arrange compaction, compact in drop raiffeisen completed prior to the compaction temperature.
  2. Traffic opening for 80 °„ C, temperature in pavement temperature had not come to temperature, vehicle speed can not be too fast.
  3. Between layers must use sticky layer of oil (emulsifying asphalt etc) adhesive.

Second, use DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent obvious advantages
1. The superior performance
Can markedly improve asphalt mixture of high temperature performance and improve mixture anti-rutting ability, anti-rutting ability can raise 3 ~ 4 times. Pavement stability improved, Marshall stability improved 25%. Asphalt mixture of 25%, and improve the flexibility of asphalt mixture low temperature flexibility and improve the resistance of the cracking of ability and the water stability, raising of hot-mix asphalt anti-fatigue performance, prolong the service life of the asphalt pavement.
2. The good performance-to-price ratio
Modified simple process, use agile and convenient, need not gain any mechanical equipment, reducing equipment investment costs. A decrease in the process of modified asphalt modification, thus reduce heat link in the process of modified asphalt performance of heating effect and prolong the service life of asphalt. Go less need to store the process of modified asphalt. But not only increase the storage of asphalt, asphalt concrete technology heating time performance, but also easy to make modified asphalt happen segregation DXG - 1. Anti-rutting agent can deteriorate and long-term inventory DXG - 1 with domestic similar rut agent compared with better performance than the price.
3. Do not affect proportioning design
.Choose other modifier modified asphalt usually want to consider the asphalt with modifier compatibility. Poor will affect the compatibility of bitumen modification effect. And DXG - 1 anti-rutting agent optional choose asphalt without affecting the modification effects in any admixture. No change of hot-mix asphalt gradation, low content (0.3-0.5%) maintain optimal oil-stone ratio unchanged, high content (> 0.5%) of aggregate appropriately increase 01-0.2%.


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