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Polypropylene reticular fiber


¡¡Polypropylene reticular fiber, based on modified gathers splendid alkene as raw materials, via extruding, stretching and into nets, surface modification treatment, short cut process such as processing and into.Fiber appearance for fiber monofiber into each other even a mesh structure.When the reticular fiber into concrete reticular fiber after compacts slit become pecked at both ends with hooked the monofilament and mutual led buckle multi-way distribution, enhance fiber and concrete bonding relay.Many fibre in concrete are 3d distribution, provide mesh, thus fundamentally changing the supporting role of concrete crack, impact resistant, fatigue, antiwear properties, greatly improving concrete toughness and deformation ability, thus greatly improving the concrete construction quality.

¡¡¡¡ Performance parameters
The product shape: bouquet of shape nets elongation: p 10%
Equivalent diameter: 100 muon m water imbibition: not bibulous
Specification: 12mm and 16mm, 18mm melting point: 160-170 ¡æ
¿¹Tensile strength: 346-560Mpa acid and alkaline resistance: the strong
Elastic modulus: > 3500Mpa density: 0.91 g/cm3
Areas of application:
Because of polypropylene reticular fiber has greatly improved the concrete performance, so most concrete engineering can be applied polypropylene reticular fiber, can mainly applied in:
1, concrete road, bridge, the airport runway,
2, mine metope, roof, tunnel project,
3, a mudslide, seawall, wharf revetment, reservoir, etc;
4, industrial and civil buildings.

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