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Ministry of Construction, "Application of fiber reinforced concrete technical specification," the preparation of group meetings

August 3, 2005, the Ministry of Construction, "Application of fiber reinforced concrete technical specification" re-establishment group plenary session in Beijing, the members of the group some time ago the preparation of the written comments units of all the team members face to face discussions and exchanges. Our team members as prepared, on time to the meeting, General Manager Shi Xiaoxing, the authority of synthetic fiber industry, the company and the company's ad hoc expert Professor Wu Hongren Jin Jian, deputy chief engineer and other technical personnel to participate in the meeting.

"Application of fiber reinforced concrete technical specification," the editor who describes the preparation of the guiding rules and guidelines, proposed changes for each unit of a pooled analysis of comments on the procedures carried out one by one by a serious discussion and revision. Experts attending the theory and practical experience through the combination of a detailed systematic analysis of the rigor of each one, the actual and maneuverability, and finally reach consensus.

It is reported that during the meeting, will soon form a new "fiber concrete application of technical regulations," the draft, within a wider range of experts for advice, as soon as possible draft for approval, the department was the Ministry of Construction, we believe that The introduction of this regulation the application of fiber reinforced concrete will certainly have a better normative guidance role to play.


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