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National standard "synthetic cement mortar and concrete" through a review of the manuscript

December 20 to 24, "with a synthetic cement concrete and mortar," the national standard manuscript review was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu famous experts from the Group of Experts at the meeting adopted a standard review of the manuscript, and agreed to the National Standardization Committee for approval.
      In the standard-setting process highlighted two points: First, in addition to performance index of the fiber itself, but also joined the adding fiber cement concrete and mortar performance requirements; the second is based on the direct detection products, the shortest test length to 6mm This covers almost the length of the synthetic fibers currently in use more than 95%, breaking the previous short cut fibers can not directly detect the technical barriers.
      During the development of this standard is widely consulted scientific research, monitoring, production, and many of the views of users, unified product indicators and test methods to make standards more operational, more comparable test data, standards and Published synthetic fiber cement concrete technology will promote the development and progress play a good role in promoting the project to build high-quality durable solid foundation.
      Throughout the company participated in the preparation of this standard, and put forward many constructive comments, Jin Jian, deputy general manager and chief engineer attended the meeting. We believe that with the standards, our fiber production will play a very good guide.

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