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I participated in the drafting of the company as a standard Ministry of Communications, "Highway Engineering Concrete Curing Agent" and industry-standard standards implementation will be eight

According to the traffic standard plan, Ministry of Communications Highway Research Institute prepared the lead organization, "Highway Engineering Concrete Curing Agent" and industry standards have been issued eight traffic and was July 15, 2004 onwards.
In order to understand and implement the new standards, so that the eight standards has been applied as soon as possible, the Ministry of Communications on June 27, 2005 -28 days held in Dalian will be the first standard Publicizing the meeting by the Ministry of Road Science Research Institute. Ministry of leadership, leadership of the Department of Highway Research Institute, the provincial Department of Transportation, Roads, design units, product manufacturers Dengjun to the meeting to attend. I, as the People's Republic of traffic, one of the eight standards, industry standards, "Cement Concrete fiber polypropylene fiber and PAN fiber," the drafting unit, I was invited to send people to participate in the meeting.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Communications Highway Research Institute of Highway Engineering Xia Lingling concrete curing agents, additives and the corresponding standard preparation of the technical indicators are described. Chongqing Jiaotong University, Professor Ling Tianqing as the main drafter of the "cement concrete fiber polypropylene fiber and PAN fiber" and the corresponding standards were Publicizing.

Which, in the "cement concrete fiber polypropylene fiber and PAN fiber" standard (JT/T525-2004) of Publicizing in Professor Ling I modified polypropylene monofilament fiber as a case study of its various performance indicators (including fiber diameter, tensile strength, elongation at break, etc.) explain that in detail. Professor Ling also mentioned that the standards are based on modified polypropylene fiber production in China's overall level of development, and in the process of developing the main reference in the textiles in Beijing Jian Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises of product standards and technical information.

At this meeting, as the industry leader in textiles, Beijing Jian Technology Co., Ltd. is not only fully displayed their own business style, but also friends in the industry and a wide range of exchanges, the development of business and industry more room to expand the !


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