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Kete silk fibers often won the 2008 China Textile Industry Association, Science and Technology Award

Recently, the China Textile Industry Association, 2008 Science and Technology Award, "Textiles of the Light" cup of solicitation results, "China Textile News" published a list of award winning projects, the company declared "the asphalt concrete pavement development and application of polyester" project was awarded three prize. The first prize will be assessed a total of 11, 49 second prize, third place 82.
China Textile Industry Association, Science and Technology Award since its inception in 2004, to promote scientific and technological progress of China's textile industry has made a positive contribution to the industry's growing influence. This award exemplifies my company's products in the industry's technological leadership, we will continue to research and development projects of advanced technology products and applications, industry and community feedback on our products, support and affirmation.


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