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Twelfth National Conference was successfully held fiber reinforced concrete

By the China Civil Engineering Society Chapter of concrete fiber reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete Professional Committee, China Textile Institute, China Building Materials Academy, Tsinghua University co-hosted the Twelfth National Conference on Fiber Reinforced Concrete October 2008 29 to 31 October in Beijing, Yan Feng Hotel held. A total of 66 papers included in the meeting, after review by experts into the conference proceedings, by the "New Building" magazine publishing. Colleges and universities from across the country, research, design, construction and related products, equipment production and sales units on behalf of 148 people attended the meeting
The meeting was built by the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in association with textiles, general manager of Shi Xiaoxing over the opening ceremony, China Civil Engineering Society Branch of the Secretary-General concrete and prestressed concrete Professor Feng Dabin, fiber reinforced concrete professional committee chairman Professor Huang Chengkui, Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor Sun Wei, China Textile Academy party secretary Miss Wang Liru attended the meeting and delivered a speech on the convening of the General Assembly, expressed warm congratulations.
The meeting, a number of senior industry experts and scholars around the technology of fiber concrete research and application results made elaborate reports and papers on the theme. Meeting of fiber cement and pointed out the direction of development of fiber reinforced concrete, fully demonstrated China in the field of fiber concrete research and application of the latest achievements and development potential.
The meeting received the academic committee and full recognition of delegates. Academic event in order to run the industry, we co-organized with many of the other two consultations to solicit and consider the various views and suggestions, done a lot of detailed preparation work, and strive for the guests on behalf of participants to provide a comfortable Learning Exchange environment. The success of the conference host, full of kete fiber industry, and further enhance the kete brand image, as Kaitai faster development of science and technology and higher provide unlimited space.

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