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Beijing 2005 is expected to cancel the live mixing mortar

       Currently, many projects in Beijing are still using on-site mixing mortar in the way construction, which caused a certain degree of environmental impact. According to Beijing Municipal Construction Committee documents (Beijing Building Materials [2004] 13) - construction on the city promoting the use of ready-mixed mortar in the notice, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee are planning to build ready-mixed mortar production line, expected in Beijing in 2005 is expected to cancel on-site mixing of housing in the city administrative buildings, municipal infrastructure should actively promote the use of ready-mixed mortar, Fourth Ring Road within the project, should be the first to use the Olympic project, engineering maintenance, home decoration to promote the use of dry mortar mix, encourage the development of conserve resources, improve project quality, protecting the environment of bulk dry mix mortar, in order to facilitate improvement of the environment, improve project quality.

       Now, for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is to ensure that adequate and comprehensive preparation, is the construction of a large number of Olympic venues, the quality of the project which has more stringent requirements, but also have high environmental protection requirements. Polypropylene Fiber ready-mixed mortar, as a new building materials, has a very good crack resistance and toughness, can well enhance and improve the quality of the project. In the city promoting the use of ready-mixed mortar mixed with polypropylene fibers, the abolition site mixing to improve the environment, improve the quality of construction projects, to achieve 2008 "Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and Humanity Olympics" the goal of great importance.


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