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New inorganic ceramic fiber insulation coating industry concerns cited

A Market Analysis
At present, the insulation material on the market can be divided into: Asbestos Felt, foam carpet asbestos, perlite cement, Superfine wool of four, the first three time in the use of insulation materials, not only a larger space, and converted into each unit price of more expensive materials, but you need to use ultra-fine glass wool was tied to the equipment insulation, not only space but also increase the device weight, compared with similar products, the coating not only has the price advantage, but also 60% reduction of the weight of the insulation layer. In recent years, sales of the product showed a continuing trend of slight increase, approved unanimously by the user.

Second, the Product Overview

The product is white paste-like fibers, drying after forming a porous network structure as the insulation layer, for a variety of valves, pipes, and other equipment, thermal insulation, and central air conditioner, wall cold insulation, sound absorption, fire. This product has been identified by Tianjin Commission recommended energy-saving products.

Third, the product features

1, to improve the insulation effect of the device. With a closed pore network structure, effectively prevent heat exchange.

2, long service life. Effective use of time up to 6-7 years, and its stubborn insulation materials, most of them only 5 years.

3, cold painted, hot coating. For temperature -40 °ś -860 °ś. Compared with similar products, the product without joints, plasticity.

4, the coating of thin, with less weight, while the package is not binding, non-toxic, non-corrosion, environmental pollution.


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