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Fiber Asphalt Mixture Performance Analysis

Fiber asphalt highway construction has been widely used. Southeast University, Dr. Ma Xiang by comparing a fiber asphalt mixture and asphalt mixture without fiber mechanical properties, water stability, high temperature stability, low temperature cracking resistance and fatigue properties, a comprehensive evaluation of the fine fiber asphalt road performance, and simple analysis of the fiber to improve the performance of asphalt mixture action mechanism, and finally from the technical and economic point of view, qualitative analysis of the use of polyester fiber asphalt concrete as the top layer of asphalt pavement cost. Studies show that after adding polyester fiber has excellent asphalt road performance.
     Fiber as an additive in asphalt concrete pavement in foreign countries have 60 years of history, China's 90 years since the 20th century production, is also already have a wide range of applications, SMA, OGFC and other new forms of use of pavement structure to further increase people's understanding of the performance of the fiber. Following the polyester fiber is wood fiber, glass fiber, Nylon fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber reinforced asphalt concrete followed by a material, which in addition has other advantages of synthetic fibers, but also has a higher melting temperature and greater elongation. Articles at home and abroad on the basis of existing research results, to have fiber and no fiber asphalt road performance of a comprehensive evaluation, analysis of the mechanism of polyester fiber, polyester fiber in the application of asphalt pavement to provide reference .

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