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In the new wall polypropylene fiber mortar overlay

In this paper, polypropylene fiber in the mortar of the working mechanism, that is to prevent the mortar cracking of polypropylene fiber and improve the impermeability of an effective way, summed up the basic properties of polypropylene fiber mortar on quality control during construction method also made a detailed analysis.

First, the working principle of polypropylene fiber mortar

Mortar wall as temperature, stress and other changes caused by shrinkage cracking phenomenon, not only seriously affect the quality of the building of light perception, but also very vulnerable to leakage of the wall. With the various types of construction of the overall Mortar increasing its surface as a result of large temperature difference between the scope of the phenomenon of shrinkage cracking more and more, especially the extensive use of internal and external wall light wall, floors, roofing layer and other works are the existence of different degrees of cracking and seepage phenomenon of poor results, it has become difficult to cure the common problem of engineering. In addition, the widespread use of various building materials, the crack resistance of grass-roots also put forward higher requirements, in this case, the use of the tensile properties of polypropylene fiber surface to improve the tensile strength of mortar insufficient defects, which mortar mixed with polypropylene fibers in order to prevent shrinkage and cracking crack leakage meet construction requirements, by engineering a wide range of attention, the theory has been more in-depth research and sound engineering applications and practices.

The mid-80s, increased PP fiber concrete progress has been made, the United States, Western Europe, Canada, Japan and other countries, a large number of engineering practice and twenty years of research has proved that to solve concrete / mortar due to drying shrinkage, shrinkage stress generated temperature micro-cracks this defect is to develop the most effective means of fiber reinforced concrete. From the results, cost factors to consider, at present the most widely used fiber is through a special process the special surface treatment of polypropylene fiber. The working principle of fiber cement matrix, mainly in the internal control of the formation and development of micro-crack, prevent or hinder the formation of cracks. Cement mortar in the polypropylene fiber as a binder, and bond a large number of micro fiber, the fiber link is uniformly distributed random distribution network to support child care system, supporting the aggregate, the energy consumption effectively, after condensation Even if the micro-cracks in the internal or external stress, it is bound to extend fiber in the matrix subjected to the internal structure of the chaotic system to the distribution of an important block dense network is difficult to expand into large cracks, very difficult to form through sexual seepage channels or cracks, thus effectively achieve the purpose of water permeability. From this perspective, the fiber mechanical performance of similar shape to a "multi-dimensional random distribution of the role of home bars," that role, full resistance to deformation of the cement matrix contraction, the purpose of achieving effective crack anti-impact, so that PP fiber for a variety of Mortar or primary crack as the surface temperature is an effective means of compensatory and methods.

Second, the basic properties of polypropylene fiber polypropylene fiber mortar mortar has the following aspects will help to improve the basic performance of the construction quality.

1, can be very effective in preventing the production of wall plaster cracking phenomenon, when the wall surface using fiber mortar, can effectively prevent the generation of cracking phenomenon.

2, so tired of plastering mortar layer of grass-roots firmly scraped clean, beautiful and smooth, suitable for various types of coatings used. Various types of exterior paint an increasingly wide range of engineering applications, a higher mortar grassroots demands for fiber mortar has good crack resistance, impact resistance and antifreeze capability, greatly improve its engineering and technical characteristics, to meet the construction process on the requirements and a fundamental guarantee for the quality of its construction.

3, to the maximum light wall materials to make up for the new application of technical defects. Various types of light energy wall materials there are varying degrees of cracking and Mortar insufficient impermeability defect, affecting the value of its application. Use these wall materials in the same time as supporting the use of fiber mortar plastering layer, defects can be fully offset the performance will help ensure the quality.

4, plastering construction can greatly improve efficiency and reduce losses. Fiber mortar because of its cohesion, stability is better than a net cement mortar, plaster dust on the construction of mortar fall becomes extremely easy and relatively substantial reduction in plastering construction can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce material losses.

5, can be part or all of the steel mesh or steel mesh instead of tectonism, the polypropylene fiber in cement matrix reinforced the role of the physical, to a certain extent, can replace steel mesh, at least in part substitute. This saves material and reduces the construction cost is undoubtedly the most meaningful.

6, polypropylene fiber surface layer of mortar with good operating characteristics of the construction of dressing. As suitable for incorporation in the mortar should be a fine fiber material of single filament fibers, the surface appearance of the surface layer of mortar had no effect.

7, tile floor finishes will help to ensure construction quality. For the primary use of fiber mortar, cracking phenomenon due to its reduced or little, to ensure the decorative tile adhesive strength to prevent cracking and hollowing cracks between the blocks the occurrence of such phenomena, plays an extremely important role.

8, polypropylene fiber mortar with a strong anti-aging abilities and reliable durability.

9, the process is simple and used widely. Fiber mortar mortar Original configuration can be maintained over the same, only content per unit volume can be evenly mixed with the mortar mix, mixing time, mixing equipment and processes are also of no special requirements.

10, the polypropylene fiber mortar can effectively compensate for structural waterproof, roofing and other modern engineering technology and development of innovative applications of technology performance defects. As mortar mortar polypropylene fibers significantly improve the ductility of matrix cracking, and self-waterproof RC (reinforced concrete) wall structure of the base structure, the roof slab structure supporting the use of non-structural reinforcement can be used as materials to prevent plastic shrinkage mortar surface.

Third, the polypropylene fiber mortar construction quality control measures during the main

Despite the foreign standards and norms, but because there is no existing mandatory national technical standards, specifications or procedures for application of fiber mortar unified engineering discipline and guidance are provided on the fiber of the Company, in the process of a large number of engineering applications explore the accumulation of major construction in the quality control measures, to make a few suggestions.

1, the mortar in a single silk fiber length should be controlled within 6-19mm, content in general is 0.6-1.0 kg / m3, (sand size adjusted according to fiber content, the use of coarse sand and coarse sand, may be appropriate reduce the dosage; If you use sand or fine sand, it should be adjusted by the appropriate content.) is too low and too high a dosage for improving the performance of mortar matrix, the effect is not obvious that easily lead to knot groups, can not be fully its role.

2, the fiber uniformly dispersed, the stirring time should be extended.

3, try to use soft, thin and high strength polypropylene fibers, flexible fibers in the clean surface does not outcrop, and have excellent fiber crude mortar surface outcrop is easy, is not conducive to the conduct of post-procedure.

4, fiber mixing process, the recommended feeding the following order: yellow sand - Fiber - cement - water.

5, not because the fibers and reduce the use of mortar in all aspects of its construction quality management requirements, in strict accordance with current national construction of technical regulations, norms and standards for the construction of mortar plastering operation of quality management.

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